The coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly changing situation. One with no rulebook to follow or guarantee as to when life will return to normal. As we all learn to navigate these uncharted waters, businesses are being forced to shift their priorities and tackle unforeseen challenges that seem to arise every day. 

At Neoscape, we like to see these challenges as opportunities to support our clients in new ways. After 25 years at the top of our industry, we’ve learned to be extraordinarily nimble and responsive to our clients’ changing needs. Today is no different. Together, we can refocus, recalibrate, and reprioritize your business objectives, finding immediate solutions to unexpected challenges so your company can thrive in the long-term.

Respond to Urgent Needs

Many companies are finding themselves in a game of whack-a-mole – putting out one fire just to have another pop up behind them. In response to these changing business needs, we’re happy to provide our clients with immediate consultative services that allow them to quickly overcome day-to-day roadblocks and focus on their long-term business strategy. A few of these services include:

  • Digital agility – A week or two ago, our client was preparing for a sales pitch, which would typically be held in a sales gallery. While the meeting couldn’t be conducted in person, we set the client up on Zoom and taught them how to integrate the application into their iPad so that they could present digitally.
  • Web updates – In a world where people are confined to their homes, your website is your most valuable asset. We can quickly update your site with your latest COVID-19 response information, optimize your SEO strategy to capitalize on increased web traffic, and implement other small changes to keep your online presence as polished and up-to-date as possible.  
  • Scope adjustments – We recognize and appreciate that many projects may need to shift direction. Need to hit pause on a marketing center to focus on a film or virtual experience? We can easily adjust your scope to prioritize the elements that will provide the most immediate value. We can always revisit these previous efforts when normalcy is restored.

Play the Long Game

While it is important to prioritize your efforts, it is equally important to remember that things will eventually return to normal, and it’s likely companies will be hit with an influx of new business when they do. Think about things you can do now to not only get your brand through the day-to-day but to set yourself up for even greater success once all of this is over. 

The businesses that come out of this crisis on top will be the ones who looked past the present and found long-term opportunities to grow. Here are just a few ways you can prepare now to help your business thrive when the pandemic has passed.

  • Build your brand – Despite our current isolation, people are coming together to support and comfort one another now more than ever. Your brand can, and should, be part of the conversation. Reach out to your customers and clients on a human level and reassure them that you are here for them now and will continue to be there in the future. A smart, optimistic marketing campaign can go a long way toward solidifying brand affinity.
  • Transform your websiteA website refresh is one of those things many companies would love to do, but often delay for more pressing projects. Take advantage of this surge in digital communication and give your site the updates it needs, not only in light of the current pandemic, but for the long-term betterment of your brand. 
  • Integrate your analytics – Your website may be your most valuable asset, but, more than likely, it’s not the only digital tool in your marketing arsenal. By integrating your website, social media, and email data, we can set up more sophisticated and efficient digital campaigns and use consumer activity across all of your owned properties to send users personalized, automated content. This targeted, automated marketing approach can save your business valuable time in the short-term and reveal important insights into your user activity in the long-term.

Let’s Work Together

Right now, our future is filled with uncertainty, leaving businesses with a lot of tough decisions to make and strategies to consider. We are here to help prioritize your needs and put together a plan of action to secure short-term success and long-term growth for your business.

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