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3D VisualizationRad Lab
September 12, 2019

Leading Architectural Visualization Agency Takes Its Innovations On-the-Go With Lenovo

You are walking back from a client meeting with a coffee in-hand when you catch…
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3D VisualizationAR/VR/MR
August 1, 2018

Evan and Bryan Visit CG Garage

Evan Buxton and Bryan Holmes recently sat down with Lon Grohs and Chris Nichols of ChaosGroup for a CG Garage podcast. They share some pretty funny stories of the days…
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Film & Video
December 14, 2017

How We Used V-Ray to Visualize Ba Dai Tou

Chaos Group released a joint press release with Neoscape about how we used its V-Ray…
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3D VisualizationAR/VR/MR
June 10, 2017

Build It, Experience It, Believe It in VR

Autodesk interviewed our visualization director, Carlos Cristerna, to learn more about how we’re using its…
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