Envisioning a world that doesn’t yet exist.

It takes a pretty unique set of skills: the ability to listen, a willingness to share a vision, and an undeniable drive to roll up your sleeves and say, “we got this.”

20+ years

industry experience
since 1995



6 locations

Boston, New York, San Francisco,
Dallas, Charlotte & Chicago

We have every creative discipline you could ever want under one roof. Imagining, creating, generating, cutting through the noise–that’s our thing. And that’s why you’re going to love working with us.

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Leadership Team

  • Rob MacLeod

    Robert MacLeod

    Founding Partner
    Chief Executive Officer

    Rob has ignited more than a few creative fires in his time. Instead of intellectualizing and debating the theory of things, he pushes the team to jump right in and explore without fear of failure. It's his special gift: unlocking potential and opening minds. Rumor has it he's also straight fire on the ping-pong table.

  • Rod MacLeod

    Roderick MacLeod

    Founding Partner
    Chief Operating Officer

    Rod combines his financial expertise and 3D visualization experience to create shared success between the firm’s multi-disciplinary teams. He keeps production and workflows running smoothly through all three studios--and he may be slightly obsessed with the render farm. Ask him to tell you about it.

  • Nils Norgren

    Nils Norgren

    Founding Partner
    Chief Technology Officer

    Nils is the original computer graphics pioneer, constantly pushing technological and artistic limits to drive the next big idea—or at the very least make it a whole lot more efficient.

  • Ryan Cohen

    Ryan Cohen

    Managing Director, NY

    Whatever the task at hand, you can count on Ryan to roll up his sleeves and get it done--whether it’s climbing up on a rooftop to get the best shot, skateboarding through the studio for a film concept, or taking the team out to a Rangers game (some tasks are harder than others).

  • Rodrigo Lopez

    Rodrigo Lopez

    Chief Creative Officer

    Rodrigo is a firm believer that great ideas can come from anywhere--soundtracks from the eighties, arthouse films, or bleak landscapes viewed from a moving train somewhere in Connecticut. This boundless spirit of curiosity fuels his drive to bring exciting, non-traditional work to our clients.

  • Evan Buxton

    Evan Buxton

    Interactive Director

    Evan has an uncanny knack for staying one step ahead of the latest trends in interactive technology. We don’t know how he does it, but our clients love it. He’s also been known to tell a good joke or two and is the resident scriptwriter for our holiday films. Have you seen Bob Brrrr? It’s epic.

  • Carlos Cristerna

    Carlos Cristerna

    RadLab Director

    While innovating in the traditional 3D production process, Carlos leads the adoption of new tech such as AR and VR, making them a reality for our clients. He also looks really good in front of a wind fan.

  • Bryan Holmes

    Bryan Holmes

    VP, Marketing & Business Development

    Bryan’s wealth of knowledge about the needs, language, and culture of real estate brands is surpassed only by his pickling expertise (a true fact). He is instrumental in developing plans for the studio’s growth, with a focus on the strategic promotion of creative solutions that answer our clients’ business needs.

  • Ali Lindquist

    Ali Lindquist

    Design Director

    Ali leads the design team. And she does it really, really well--with field trips to the latest exhibits, design challenges, inspired mentoring…. In fact, when Ali’s away, her team has been known to create music videos dedicated to her speedy return. Her design aesthetic is pretty kick-ass, too.

  • Jason Addy

    Jason Addy

    Associate Principal
    Studio Lead, SF

    Jason is bringing the Neoscape brand and culture to the West Coast in our San Francisco studio--all the while producing legit viz for our clients. Creative inspiration is all around us, and Jason finds his by hiking and camping in the great outdoors (there may also be a few IPAs and a little rye whiskey involved).

  • Steve Goldstein

    Steven Goldstein

    Chief Financial Officer

    It must be fun being the fiscally responsible one in a studio full of creative types. Steve seems to think so, at any rate. He plans and directs all of our financial and HR operations, and he makes it look enjoyable. Almost as if he loves Neoscape as much as his Boston sports teams.

  • Dick Casey

    Richard Casey

    VP, Account Executive

    In his 18 years at Neoscape, Dick has built relationships of trust with our clients at the highest levels. He has a deep understanding of their business goals and how to help them craft their most impactful stories. And if you ever get the chance, ask Dick to tell you a few stories of his own. Sit back, grab a drink, and prepare to be entertained with tales of his latest exploits--whether it’s fishing in Brazil, shopping in the Grand Souk in Marrakesh, diving on wrecks, or golfing at Augusta.

  • Bianca Koutsakos

    Bianca Koutsakos

    Account Executive

  • Patrick Redmond

    Patrick Redmond

    Account Executive

    True fact: Pat loves VR. And he never misses an opportunity to impart some of his vast wisdom on the subject. He also knows every fact, figure, statistic, and metric possible about the real estate market--what’s hot, what’s not, who’s building, who’s leasing and, most importantly, what his clients need to get their deals signed.

  • Lacey Miller

    Lacey Miller

    Account Executive

  • Jordyn Sento

    Jordyn Sento

    Account Executive

  • Sumayya Alsenan

    Sumayya Alsenan

    Art Director

  • Kyla Astley

    Kyla Astley

    Marketing Director

  • Corey Beaulieu

    Corey Beaulieu

    Art Director

  • Matt Clarey

    Matthew Clarey

    Art Director

  • Victoria Cohen

    Victoria Cohen

    Associate Project Manager

  • Gretchen Daly

    Gretchen Daly

    Associate Project Manager

  • Rita Ferreira

    Rita Ferreira

    Senior Art Director

  • Mark Hickey

    Mark Hickey

    Art Director

  • Catie Howe

    Catie Howe

    Associate Project Manager

  • Rauf Ismayilov

    Rauf Ismayilov

    IT Manager

  • Navi Kaur

    Navjot Kaur

    Business Development Manager

  • Julian Casey

    Julian Casey

    Sales Executive

  • Hao La

    Hao K La

    Art Director

  • Melissa Noone

    Melissa Noone

    Senior Business Development Manager

  • Lucy O’Brien

    Lucy O'Brien

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Dave Parmenter

    David Parmenter

    Art Director

  • Abdallah Salah

    Abdallah Salah

    Senior Interactive Developer

  • Matt Richardson

    Matthew Richardson

    Art Director

  • Kate Shepard

    Kate Shepard

    Strategic Communications Specialist

  • Vassili Shields

    Vassili Shields

    Creative Director, Film

  • Chad Spaulding

    Chad Spaulding

    Creative Director

  • Rob Wing

    Robert Wing

    Creative Director

  • Rodrigo Zepeda

    Rodrigo Zepeda

    Senior Digital Artist

  • Casey Shenery

    Casey Shenery

    Senior Motion Graphics Artist

  • Jayne Kim

    Jayne Kim

    Associate Project Manager

Name Dropping

Some of the great companies we call partners
Advisors Living
Avison Young
Big Sky Real Estate Co.
Brookfield Properties
Cushman & Wakefield
The Durst Organization
Elkus Manfredi Architects
Equity Office
The Foulger-Pratt Companies
The HYM Investment Group
John Portman & Associates
Madison Marquette
The Meridian Group
New Balance
Newmark Knight Frank
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Northwestern University
Paramount Group, Inc.
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Robert A. M. Stern Architects
Rockpoint Group
Rockrose Development Corp.
Safdie Architects
Seritage Growth Properties
SL Green Realty Corp.
Stanley Black & Decker
Studio Gang
Thor Equities
Tishman Speyer
Yellowstone Club