Chaos Group released a joint press release with Neoscape about how we used its V-Ray software to help produce the Ba Dai Tou film for John Portman & Associates.

Visualizing a major development is a lot of work, long before the client requests an 8-minute video. Add in 4K animation, live footage, and stereoscopic 3D and you better call the best. To help everything run smoothly on their latest film, Neoscape put their trust in V-Ray, turning a massive project into a futuristic CGI visit to Yangpu Ba Dai Tou, John Portman & Associates’ latest plan for the Shanghai riverfront.

A common way to produce 3D movies, stereoscopy creates the illusion of depth in images. A useful trick, but also a time-consuming process that doubles the rendering load for visualization projects, as it creates a need for an image for both the right and left eyes. With 4K visual effects already in production and only 20 weeks to deliver an 8-minute film, twice the render load meant that Neoscape would have to put their rendering software into overdrive. The team put their faith in V-Ray for 3ds Max, the AEC industry’s most popular renderer, as it could be trusted for both quality and speed.

“At one point on the project, we calculated that we would need 17.5 days of non-stop rendering for the 3D work alone; one computer would have taken 1,010 days, and this was when we only had 12 days left!” said Cristerna. “Luckily, because of V-Ray, our average times were very good, and most frames rendered a lot faster than we anticipated.

Read the full press release for all the gory details or check out the project in our Work.

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