5 Facts About Long Island City’s Bldg 10-27

  1. Bldg. 10-27 is a four-story industrial building in Long Island City, Hunter’s Point for which we created a marketing campaign.
  2. The big idea for this project was to use history as a context for the future, making it relevant and fun.
  3. The team became inspired by newspaper ads and a series of woodcuts from the 1920s (when the building was built).
  4. This inspiration resulted in a brand identity that has color and personality–it’s playful and modern, with a nod to the past.
  5. The concept was translated into our renderings: we showcased the preserved architecture with modern furnishings and set dressings.

Client:  Newmark Holdings

Services Provided:  Naming, Positioning, Brand Identity, Digital Brochure, E-Blasts, Website, Renderings

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