We Are Officially West Coasters!

Neoscape today launched a new studio in San Francisco, expanding its presence from Boston and New York to the West Coast. Jason Addy, a Neoscape veteran and former director of production at a local visualization firm, will head the office as art director and production lead.

“San Francisco is a natural fit for Neoscape—it’s a city with like-minded people who are forward-thinking and innovative. We thrive in that type of environment,” said Rob MacLeod, Neoscape president and founding partner. “The energy, vitality, and curiosity of San Francisco are inspiring. As an experienced player in the real estate marketing field, we have helped clients in all major markets through a wide array of market cycles—always with the caveat that we reserve the right to make our work better. We believe a studio in San Francisco will, in turn, do just that: make Neoscape better.” Neoscape’s full-service business model, housing all creative disciplines under one roof, fosters a unique creativity that will continue to flourish when surrounded by the fresh perspective found in San Francisco.

Jason Addy began his career with Neoscape in 2011 as senior digital artist, where he directed several of the Boston studio’s visualization teams, mentored junior artists, and created some of Neoscape’s most impactful and beautiful work. During his time with Neoscape, he received the American Society of Architectural Illustrators’ prestigious Hugh Ferriss Award. Jason’s return to his California roots has provided a wonderful opportunity for Neoscape’s West Coast expansion. His intimate knowledge of the local market, years of production experience, and exceptional client service—combined with his familiarity with Neoscape—make him the natural choice to help extend the Neoscape brand and culture to the San Francisco area. Here, he will lead a world-class studio that fosters the agency’s core values of collaboration, drive, and creativity.

“I am thrilled to be back at Neoscape—a place where ideas are fostered and encouraged, and the people working here truly embrace creativity,” says Jason Addy. “From the day that I started working at Neoscape in 2011, I immediately admired the sense of family and camaraderie in the studio. I am so pleased to be a part of that community again and spread the Neoscape experience to the West Coast. San Francisco, and the West Coast as a whole, provides all sorts of exciting opportunities for Neoscape. The real estate market has continued to show growth and has proven time and again that beautiful visualization and clever marketing help sell buildings.” Since Jason has been on the West Coast, he has directed visualization efforts for a number of notable local projects and looks forward to bringing Neoscape’s unique creative vision to many more.

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