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The St. Regis Residences, Boston

Representing a
Legendary Brand

The St. Regis is known worldwide for its immersive experiences and timeless tradition. In late 2018, Cronin Development prepared to unveil its latest residential property, The St. Regis Residences, Boston, a collection of luxury condominiums along the Seaport waterfront. While Cronin was eager to launch sales for this sought-after building, a full year of site work had to be done before construction could begin. In lieu of a physical building to entice potential residents, the Neoscape team was tasked with curating a sales gallery program, including an immersive interactive experience, brand essence film, and a series of renderings to communicate the brand’s signature sophistication and longstanding legacy of luxury.

Neoscape built a custom interactive app for our Experience Center that embodies the level of sophistication and bespoke nature of the St. Regis brand. The brand film and renderings they produced truly represent the level of detail and finish The St. Regis Residences, Boston will deliver to its owners. We appreciate the talent and passion of the Neoscape team in listening and customizing each element of the experience.

~ Jon Cronin, Principal, Cronin Development/The St. Regis Residences, Boston

Creating an Integrated VR Experience

Since prospective residents couldn’t tour The Residences, the renderings and marketing center played a vital role in communicating the building’s exquisite living spaces, endless amenities, and stunning views overlooking the harbor. To best tell the St. Regis story, we created an interactive iPad app that was fully integrated into the marketing center. Choreographing the interactive experience with the sales experience became a top priority. 

To create an iPad app that could seamlessly supplement the marketing center, we focused our attention on tracking, customization, shareability. The resulting app was integrated into every room of the marketing center, as well as the client’s physical model, allowing the sales team to track tour information, enable/disable lighting control, share floor plans, and edit welcome text right from their iPad. The app became such an essential piece of the puzzle that the final marketing center was designed around the interactive experience with input from our Interactive Director.

Turning Water into Champagne

The Residence’s ideal location on Boston Harbor is a key selling point of the building, and one that Cronin wanted to be sure was conveyed in the film. The concept, art direction, and storyboard were developed by KHJ Brand Activation the previous summer. Unfortunately, filming was scheduled to begin in January, and, as anyone who has been to Boston in the winter knows, weather conditions were less than ideal for a waterfront shoot. The solution: film in Miami and let our amazing editing team perform its magic to seamlessly integrate the Boston location in post-production.

The result of our collaboration with KHJ was a highly cinematic commercial that genuinely reflected the prestige of the St. Regis brand. We even went so far as to fly in a real St. Regis Butler to saber a champagne bottle, one of the brand’s signature rituals. No detail was left up to chance.

Watch the Film

Carrying on the St. Regis Legacy

Capturing the tradition and luxury of the St. Regis brand was a tall order, but one we were happy to take on. With careful attention to detail, ample creativity, and ongoing collaboration with our clients, we were able to create a fully-integrated sales experience that overcame whatever challenges construction timelines and Mother Nature could throw at us.

The St. Regis Residences, Boston are not owned, developed or sold by Marriott International, Inc. or its affiliates (“Marriott”). 150 Seaport LLC uses the St. Regis marks under a license from Marriott, which has not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made about the project. All of the services, amenities, benefits and discounts made available to residential owners at The St. Regis Residences, Boston are as currently scheduled and are subject to change, replacement, modification or discontinuance. Fees may apply. All artist renderings are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change without notification.


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