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Oakland, CA

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1900 Broadway

Oakland – The Bright Side of The Bay

Oakland is the Bay Area’s best kept secret – unless you happen to live nearby. Locals know that this area is a haven of culture, food and great weather. But overseas investors and even non-local U.S. investors rarely see that side of the city. We set our sights high for this project in setting out to capture the full picture of the community. But we never lost focus on the main through-line of the story: it had to feel authentic, it had to feel like Oakland.

It’s All About Diversity

Using the address as the brand name, we leveraged the building’s location by putting 1900 Broadway at the center of convenience and access, tying its identity to the neighborhood. The logo and accompanying graphics system combine a series of simple shapes that when assembled, act as a metaphor for the city blocks, mimicking both the diversity of the neighborhood and of the building’s future tenants.

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Authentic Lifestyle: What You See Is What You Get

When we began this project, we knew immediately that we needed to take a unique approach so that investors would be able to get a true feeling of the property and the surrounding neighborhood. With that in mind, we shot lifestyle b-roll footage to capture a day in the life of future tenants. The best part? It was filmed entirely at local businesses just down the street from the property.

A Bird’s-Eye View of Oakland

Our mission to create a brand that truly emphasizes the diversity and culture of the neighborhood meant showing that the whole is made greater by the sum of its parts. To portray this idea, we shot helicopter and drone footage of the area, giving investors a bird’s-eye view of how the neighborhood fits together.

Where Culture and Community Come Together

The brand and the story of 1900 Broadway had to be a celebration of culture and community coming together. That meant highlighting the property’s close connection to easy transportation as well as the small park amenities, coworking spaces, rooftop deck and pool area while never losing sight of the neighborhood’s history.

An Experience That Comes Full Circle

Finally, we committed to showing the beauty and potential of Oakland from every angle. Using 360 panoramic photography and virtual reality nodes, our team made it possible for our client to take 1900 Broadway with them to investor meetings and other events – their audience can visit the area virtually and get a true sense of the neighborhood. Our goal was to tell the story so well, make the experience so immersive that visiting the actual building wouldn’t feel unfamiliar. We want it to feel like home.

1900 Broadway pool deck

Imagine yourself here, at 1900 Broadway.

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Identity, Brand Strategy, Marketing Film, Renderings, 360 Panoramic Renderings/VR, Drone, Green Screen, Helicopter Shoot