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The Republic

Work. The Austin Way.

The Republic – a 816,560 SF ground-up commercial real estate project in Austin – stands out as one of Neoscape’s most memorable projects. We worked closely with stakeholders at LPC Austin and Divco West to create a brand deeply rooted in the Austin community, produce a full suite of marketing materials, and manage ongoing digital marketing campaigns. 

The entire project came to life remotely, during the height of pandemic lockdowns. Since we could not travel to immerse ourselves in the city, as we generally do during branding, our teams leveraged deep strategic research to develop local knowledge. The result is a brand and campaigns that are authentically Austin, although most of the work was done elsewhere.

“We are extremely pleased with the direction of this project. There truly isn’t any other commercial property in Austin that compares to this brand.”

~ JR Gideon, Lincoln Property Company

Office Branding. Redefined.

Despite the challenges of collaborating from afar, our brand and strategy teams immersed themselves in everything Austin, tailoring a narrative around the city as a desirable place to live, especially during the pandemic. 

In the end, the chosen brand direction came from the audience personas we developed with our client. The messaging is purposely forward-thinking and able to be tailored to different stakeholders.

Designed for Today. And Tomorrow.

The teams adapted to constant adjustments throughout the strategy and design process. Everything from the logo and brochure to the scrim and billboards evolved significantly over time. 

By the end of the project, the landscape of commercial real estate had changed – niche markets that used to be secondary began to eclipse the traditional national markets. In adapting to this ebb and flow, we were able to position The Republic as an enviable location for companies of nearly any size.

Through it all, our client pushed us to deliver best-in-class work and was a valuable partner, providing in-depth personal knowledge as the “boots on the ground” experts. The evolution of the brand shows the strength of our partnership with LPC Austin and DivcoWest. 

ATX. Brought to Life.

As part of the full immersion experience we created, Neoscape designed renderings and a VR tour carefully crafted to capture the look and feel of Austin. In particular, the renderings featuring food trucks and festivals are team favorites. They truly capture the fun, future-focused nature of the project.

The Sounds of Austin. Amplified.

More than any other film we have created, this film hinged on finding the perfect sound to complement the combination of animation and practical footage we produced. At first, we explored capturing the historied atmosphere of the Austin Oaks in nearby Republic Park. However, we soon realized that this project called for a more energetic, funky vibe. Once we settled on a bluesy, classically Texas sound, everything fell into place.

Watch the film below.

A Modern Hub.
Home to All Things Republic.

The website for The Republic, like the brand, is sleek and simple without becoming oversimplified. Neoscape’s interactive designers took care with the details, adding motion and thoughtful elements like a 3D stacking plan so the end result feels rich while remaining clean.

Visit The Republic website.

Bringing It All Together. Like Breakfast and Tacos.

With the brand and website launched as of May 2022, our digital marketing team stepped in to track and boost up The Republic’s presence in search and on social media. The combination of social outreach to create awareness and SEO to ensure the site and information can be found by the target audience continues to generate returns for our clients.


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Strategy & Positioning, Naming, Branding & Identity, Brand Story & Messaging, Renderings, VR Tour, Film, Leasing Collateral, Property Website, Digital Marketing