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Pathway by King Street

Paving the way for tomorrow’s cures.

Pathway is a national real estate platform developed by King Street Properties to give companies the space they need to research, develop, and manufacture their drugs without compromise. It is a first-of-its-kind life science offering that transforms the biomanufacturing process. As a result, this project required an understanding of traditional life science real estate marketing and the ability to think outside the box and break new ground in partnership with King Street Properties.

In many ways, Pathway is a project tailor-made for Neoscape. Our industry-leading team of life science strategists have been working in this space for nearly a decade and have developed brands and campaigns for life science projects across the country. Our strong working relationship with King Street on prior projects gave the Neoscape team space to bring uniquely creative options to the table. Pathway by King Street is one of the most unique and successful projects the Neoscape team has ever taken on.

“We have used Neoscape for years to develop advanced marketing materials for our R&D lab real estate projects. Recently, we faced a new challenge: the need to develop a brand for a new King Street product line: spec-built biomanufacturing/GMP buildings – something no other developer had done at the scale we had in mind. The Neoscape team developed a complete brand architecture called “Pathway” that perfectly describes not just the real estate we develop for drug makers, but the roadblocks our specialty buildings can help them avoid to speed their life-saving medicines to their patients. We were thrilled with their work.”

~ Stephen Lynch, King Street Properties

Branding the Pathway Mission

The Pathway project began with an idea from Steve Lynch at King Street Properties to develop a new business line for biomanufacturing facilities. King Street would remove the real estate obstacles that life science companies face when considering their drug development options, allowing them to focus on their quest to cure disease. To do so, King Street would build “shell” facilities purpose-built for science and provide a team of experts to advise on customizing these facilities to fit the individual biomanufacturing needs of life science tenants.

The Neoscape team realized this task went beyond branding a single building or development. Therefore we pitched the idea of developing an umbrella portfolio brand that could be marketed and deployed nationally as a system of connected facilities, each with its own identity following the structure of the parent brand.

For the overall brand, our team focused on the value proposition of the new business line. “Pathway” came from the idea of streamlining the biomanufacturing process and King Street leading life sciences companies through real estate.

Branding the Pathway Mission

What began as a corporate brand effort quickly evolved into branding the first Pathway campus in Devens, MA. Since the portfolio brand system was already in place, complete with a kit of parts to apply to each location, Pathway Devens came together quickly. Soon after Neoscape developed and launched that project, three of the five buildings at Devens were quickly leased out.

When King Street was ready to launch its second campus in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, the process was turnkey. Although the brand process for Pathway Triangle was similar to Devens, we crafted the strategy and marketing materials to fit the particular needs of the geographic region. Additionally, Pathway Triangle evolved beyond biomanufacturing to also include R&D facilities. The portfolio brand system allows for this flexibility while maintaining cohesion in look and feel.

Building the initial brand system and then creating additional property pieces as King Street rolls them out mirrors the value proposition of Pathway itself. King Street is leading the way with biomanufacturing, and Neoscape is excited to continue partnering with them.

Specialized Design

The brand visuals were derived from two concepts: a timeline and pharmaceutical research. Neoscape’s design team explored linear concepts combined with imagery evoking science – things like DNA sequencing and pill shapes. Knowing the brand would need to evolve, we were careful not to lock the visuals into any one branch of science.

Similarly, the stock imagery and photography had to fit particular needs and speak to a highly educated and specialized audience without being hyper-specific. Our teams spoke with subject matter experts and leveraged our own experience in the life science space to ensure technical aspects were properly represented.

The brand came together nicely in the design of the leasing presentation and website, where a timeline is heavily featured. Our team also designed eblasts, scrim, and a marketing center.

Flexibility in Film

To date, Neoscape has developed several films for Pathway,including a teaser film comprised of brand imagery and animation. For the campuses at Devens and Triangle, we created a series of site-specific films. For Devens, we “chapterized” the films into different stories around location, facilities, and the campus itself, all while positioning King Street as a partner to biomanufacturing companies.

Like the rest of the Pathway materials, details in the film were carefully considered so that the science and technology would resonate with their audiences. In doing so, our film team was able to strike the perfect balance between accuracy and beauty. The unique development multiple films for this project allowed our teams to maximize the impact of each piece of collateral across as many marketing channels as possible.

Taking Pathway Online

Neoscape developed a unique website that follows the structure of the brand itself. The site features a main hub with branching subdomains for each campus. This structure will allow the website to grow continuously and change as we move forward with the Pathway business line.

The Pathway website features unique and unexpected movement that flows naturally and engages users as they travel through the brand story. The navigation sitewide is structured to tie into the brand, and utilize the colors in varying patterns.

Visit the Pathway website.

Digital Marketing Guides Users to Pathway

From a digital marketing perspective, Neoscape’s recommended architecture for the growing website allows each campus brand to contribute to the authority and performance of the next. It also allows our digital marketing team to centralize efforts and maintain marketing consistency across channels. King Street has reported at least one important lease that resulted from an organic search that led the user to the website.

Neoscape also manages social media campaigns for each Pathway campus, targeting a niche community of end users and brokers in life science real estate. These campaigns continue to utilize the versatile creative assets developed during earlier phases of the project, including the film and brand elements.


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Strategy & Positioning, Naming, Branding & Identity, Brand Story & Messaging, Films, Renderings, Leasing Collateral, Property Website, Digital Marketing