Neoscape Having Fun in the Sun

Highlights From Our 2019 Internship Program

Neoscape has never been about following along with the norms, and the way we run our internship program is no different. Our program is designed to be unconventional, with this summer’s interns quick to find that out for themselves. Unchained from their desks and free from meaningless tasks our interns found themselves quickly immersed in their roles. Working on client projects, intermingling with departments, going to photoshoots, and experiencing first hand all of the work that goes into running a creative agency; these were just some of the ways they spent their time at Neoscape. Check out what else our interns have to say about their time spent with us:

“I had the opportunity to delve in with my team and explore how a brand develops from the beginning stages to the end result.”
— Jen
“I loved being able to work on something new and different every day with each different project or film.”
— Abby
“It was a great experience to be able to apply the information from the classes I take at school.”
— Ian
“I love photography and videography, it’s been a gift to learn motion graphic concepts for video editing.”
— Madison
“I like how curious people are about the projects I’m working on, and being able to show people and watch their reactions.”
— Tim

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