Getting Your Company Through the Health Crisis

At Neoscape, we like to say there’s no such thing as “business as usual,” since we’re constantly looking for new ways to tell stories and pursue innovative marketing strategies. In light of today’s health crisis, this, unfortunately, has never been truer. Across the globe, companies, families, and individuals face unprecedented challenges as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our personal and professional lives. In the midst of these unusual circumstances, internal teams and agencies must become more creative than ever to overcome them.

Our employees are well-equipped to work with clients to pivot on marketing strategies or even business plans. It’s about adapting to the “new” normal while preparing for a future return to “normal” normal. In many cases, this means leveraging a combination of the different services our studio provides with staff who have a wide range of experience and expertise. However, in some cases it’s not about us having the answers, it’s about working with our clients to find an answer. Adaptability is the name of the game. In some ways, it always has been, but it is now more important than ever.

Social Distancing Meet Social Media

Over the past few weeks, many traditional avenues of marketing and advertising have been crippled. For example, the value of a billboard is called into question when everyone is encouraged to stay inside and avoid crowded public spaces. A mailer or brochure may not reach its intended target if no one is at the office to receive it.

To solve these and other problems, many companies are turning to digital channels. Since everyone is communicating digitally right now anyway, it only makes sense to turn to digital solutions for your marketing as well. Digital avenues that your business may explore include:

  • Targeted email outreach – With so many emails about the health crisis flying back and forth, it is more important than ever to find a way for your company’s message to cut through the noise. At Neoscape, our teams work together to build visually stunning designs that work with impactful messaging to reach your target audience.
  • Social media marketing Social media has become a primary avenue of communication for companies and individuals around the world. A strong social presence allows you to shape the conversation about your business and target your customers with a laser focus, even while they are cooped up at home.
  • Remarketing – Your office may be closed, but your website is open for business. By utilizing your website data, you can develop a greater understanding of your audience, allowing you to recapture lost leads with a targeted remarketing campaign.

Automation Is the Future

There is no denying that social and economic upheaval is fundamentally impacting many businesses. Delayed projects and initiatives are the order of the day. However, these heavy delays will inevitably lead to a huge tidal wave of opportunity – and work to be done – when the crisis passes.

To help weather the coming storm, businesses can take steps now to ensure that systems are in place to reduce disruption and keep their company from becoming overwhelmed. Now is the the ideal time to implement some of the following adaptable marketing strategies:

  • Marketing automation – Automating customer outreach and responses is appealing to many marketing departments, but is often put on the back burner. Now is the perfect opportunity to get your company up and running with a marketing automation platform. Train your staff, build out automated processes, and be ready to hit the ground running when normalcy returns.
  • Optimize your website – Right now, your website may be the only way people can interact with your business. Implementing a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy can ensure your site is easily visible now and moving forward into the future. 
  • Thought leadership – While you are getting your website up to snuff, consider adding a blog or regular thought leadership articles to set yourself up as an industry leader in the digital space.

Virtually Back to Normal

No matter where you live, the odds are that your employees and coworkers are working from home – and you’ve probably had to cancel lots of in-person meetings with clients. While your video chat platform of choice can solve many of the issues, it can’t replace a marketing film or transport clients to the space you wanted to show them. To solve these and other challenges, consider:

  • Virtual walk-throughs – We can film or digitally recreate a space and develop an app allowing users on the other side of the globe to feel like they are standing next to you. For large real estate assets and spaces, you can take customers on a comprehensive tour without risking anyone’s health.
  • Fully animated films – Know that you are going to need your marketing film as soon as things calm down? Film shoots may be on hold, but we can create photorealistic visuals or find a whole new way to animate your marketing message.

Got a Problem? We’re Up for the Challenge

We are living in unprecedented times, and your business is undoubtedly facing new challenges. We are prepared to work with you to find the right solutions so that your business can continue to thrive through this global health crisis.

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