2019: A Game Changing Year

Neoscape’s Berkeley Office Saw Great Success

Neoscape had a game-changing year in our Berkeley studio. We had the pleasure of working with some great players in the real estate industry in sunny California (#humblebrag) with whom we created magnificent work, if we do say so ourselves. At Neoscape, we’re all about putting our money where our mouth is, so take a look below to learn more about our best projects on the West Coast in 2019.

Capturing California from Every Angle in 2019

Let’s start with our video for a Behring Companies project in Oakland, aptly named 1900 Broadway. Our Neoscape team worked closely with Behring Companies on their brand strategy and identity to develop the full vision showcased in the marketing film we delivered.

Next, we’ll travel to Northern California’s South Bay where we completed two grand film projects. First of these was Broadreach Capital’s project The Ameswell Hotel.  We provided Broadreach Capital with renderings and a full marketing film for the project. Our mission was to highlight not only the glamour of the hotel, but also the surrounding area of now-booming South Bay.

For Lane Partners’ film, we took care to showcase the convenient access via three major highways as well as the CalTrain, which has a stop just three blocks away. Additionally, we rendered the building to show its unique features, such as the lightbox that illuminates a programmable lower level, and the third floor balcony and terrace with clear views all the way from the Bay to the Hills. Finally, we worked with Lane Partners to ensure that the style and brand complemented the unique flavor of Downtown San Mateo. 

Last stop: Los Angeles, California. Here, we collaborated with a seasoned player in the commercial real estate space to create a jaw dropping film of their project, 5670 Wilshire, on a beautiful clear day.  We made sure to highlight the surrounding neighborhoods and landmarks to emphasize how accessible the building really is. In this two-minute film we also created a dynamic, animate version of the transformation that will happen to the existing space, showcasing how we love to take things to the next level.

Join the Best of the West in 2020

We are here on the West Coast, too – ready to help market your next big project.  Let us know how we can bring the vision for your next project to life. #NeoVision2020

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